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Emmi Rowe

Oh my dear sweet Emmi
My dear sweet Emmi Rowe
I will remember for the two of us
All that is us that we know
All that is us that we know

My god why have you forsaken me
On this road by shallow waters
For my one true love her mind in pain
Someday may forget her daughters

Emmi dear I love you so
I will wield my mighty sword
In your weakness my anger grinds
Away! begone the festering gourd

Oh my dear sweet Emmi
My dear sweet Emmi Rowe
I will remember for the two of us
All that is us that we know
All that is us that we know

Medicine has kept the growth at bay
A miracle I would surely welcome
My family all huddled round the fire
Can feel her heaven when hell comes



oh God how is my father
i wonder what he thinks of things today
we’re scared and broken
about how to live, love and play

we have each other by our sides
and abundant choices given now
we need to stay close to each other
to keep it real and safe some how

the roads I’ve traveled
have defined me
some roads I’ve taken
have declined me
(if it weren’t)
for the turns i didn’t take
i wouldn’t have met…….you
i wouldn’t have met
any of you.
I may be weary from the journey
I’ll find all of my comforts at home


I want to pour a milkshake 

All over your innocence

I want bathe you in

The sweet stoppage of time

I will the wind to 

Kiss your thoughts upon a mountain

Spill your skin with

       Sun soaked lemon rind


a moment by the lake

Whistling in the wind
Skimming stones 

           The water



Just Above the Trees

the name of my street changed this morning
who’ll try to move the mountain tonight?

so i’ll stand at the top,
hoping to stop
the changes upon changes, 
not right 

 i lost my control this morning! 
where i left it, 
God only knows 
I searched and i searched in anger
i looked everywhere high and low
Just above the trees is Heaven 
Down among the leaves I fall
To my knees, I bare witness
To the Autumn of my life that calls
Just above the trees is Heaven
i’ll try to make peace with what i lost the strength to overcome my weakness
allow my soul to absorb the cost
just above the trees

So Tell Bonita

i woke this mornin’ scraped my face
put on some proud by the good lords grace
sometimes a coward sometimes a flirt
sometimes i get my nose rubbed in the dirt
    so tell Bonita i’ll see her later tonight
i love everything about our life 
it drives me crazy makes me more white
chills me to the core makes me bleed 
warms me up hotter than a black tar street
     so tell Bonita i’ll see her later tonight
when i get it right

there’s a one way ticket inside my head
circle the wagons repeat what you said 
my knuckles drag across my mind
regrets i fear i won’t be kind   
     so tell Bonita i’ll see her later tonight
when i get it right 

i stroke my beard feel my age
take a deep breath choke on liquid rage
laugh at you laughing at me
then splash my face with great unease
just wasting minds sitting in cars
whiskey in the veins clouds of smokey cigars
     So tell Bonita i’ll see her later tonight
i gotta think it right

    back seat lovers  
faded photographs
a gold plated bracelet  
from the year we crashed
we’re holding onto  
that mighty mighty thing called love   

these wheels they turn around the boulevard

clearing landscape; churning gut pistons hard   

i know Bonita can see me coming tonight     

through every red light

woke up this morning scraped my face
put on some proud by the good lords grace
i still feel you deep in my skin
the end of me is where you begin
     I held Bonita until the morning light
So(I’ll )tell Bonita I’ll see her later tonight

cuz I got it right, i got it right!


Word Blockage

I take my sorrows to the river

This is beautiful! To good for my words here! I’m gonna read it again.

Jane Dougherty Writes

I take my sorrows to the river
That curls and glides and ambles by
To bathe them in the golden light
That streams and pours from a placid sky.
The sullen ache that tints with grey
The garish kingcups with golden leaves
And turns to lead the dancing lights
The silver thread that the water weaves.
Bearing its burden of broken dreams
River runs heedlessly on to the sea
With never a thought for broken hearts
For the transient sorrows of you or me.
Bathed in dew the earth unfolds
Ravelling up the shades of night
And swirling the morning’s silver skirts
Sewn with longings of golden light.
It takes my hand, the new day dawning
And shows me the place where I belong
Where sorrows dissolve like river mist
Into the beauty of the blackbird’s song.


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The Parting Glass: Phil Everly (1939 – 2014)

The Immortal Jukebox

… A time to rise and a time to fallPhil Everly

Come fill to me the parting glass

Goodnight and joy be with you all.

There is a magical moment during the Everly Brothers celebrated and triumphant reunion concert at The Albert Hall in 1983 which goes some way to explaining the source of their enduring appeal.  After opening with a heart warming , ‘Bye Bye Love, a rocking Claudette, the magesterial, ‘Walk Right Back’  a forlorn, stately, ‘I’ll Do My Crying In The Rain and the knock-out punch of, ‘Cathy’s Clown’ the band, which featured England’s guitar legend Albert Lee, took a momentary breather.

The two brothers briefly smiled at each other knowing now that a decade apart had in no sense diminished their power as performers.  Reassured, they leaned their heads close together and began to sing acapella, ‘These are the words of a frontier lad who lost his…

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Meet Me

Siren Whispers


Meet me

On the other side of midnight

In the amethyst twilight

Of your dreams

I will bare myself

To you

Giving you all of me

You can take your fill

Sate your need for me

Make my body blush

With desire for you

Before the moon sleeps

And the sun rises

And once again

We part

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