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Coming Down From This Cloud


I just want this pain to go away

So I’ll just swallow

If I don’t come round again tomorrow

Just know I never meant no harm

I’ve just been feeling this way for far too long

I need a few hours to rest and keep away

Disengage from this torment guilt and shame

Because I’ve become a slave

And thought I’ve tried to be brave

I’m dropping this heavy bag from my shoulder

I’m tired from suffering in silence whilst playing the joker

Il be awake the whole night through

If I don’t swallow to block out visions of you

I’ve failed to tie up the loose ends of my life

And I’ve been coming down from this cloud for far too long

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Scattered are the pieces of my lonely heart and all it’s reason
Stirred are my emotions due to this fast change in a bitter season

When oh when did my love move her attentions toward another man?
Where oh where did the passion go? Did it slip right through her wedding band?

you left me broken
like a branch under your foot
you left me broken
though you said you never would

you left me broken
shattered are my dreams
broken as if i didn’t mean a thing

i didn’t mean a thing

Wander lust is lost upon the old dirt road in a dusty rain

I can only stare from out the glass of the mold infused window pane
Time is hidden in the closet with a locked framed secret door

The wishing well did run so dry that my tears were sand when they hit the floor

you left me broken
like a wing on a wounded bird

you left me broken
you’re gone without a single word

you left me broken
scattered are my dreams
broken as if i didn’t mean a thing

i didn’t mean a thing
i didn’t mean a thing
i didn’t mean a thing


Child of heart

there is a reckless


 where I can

nurture no more

an existence of


and forgiveness

bottle like

12 year old


Drunk with fever

wrought with


for the other

i burn

my body resides in


my being hangs

from the gallows

waiting for


“And God Created Woman”

I love this revealing piece. I really enjoyed reading! Clarity honesty.

neLLy uLima

I cannot help but experience like mother earth…in all entities. I am a breathing paradoxical thought that just twisted into a camber.

A walking, talking, contradiction.

Possessing an aura of obscurity… “Appearing” as a vacant page in an open reserve…on the other hand, so very complex with at least 6,432 different flavors.

Some of my flavors are…






Competent… compassionate…nurturing,


…and fatefully dissatisfied…although I struggle to conceal that.

I don’t

So fuckin what.

I suffer habitually from emotional and spiritual blocks, and because of this I need to be unaccompanied to “heart” myself. I have no dilemma gawking at a partition for weeks. This has become a dynamic dissatisfaction for me. This is the method I sustain for my element to stay psychologically strong. This is also how I can be so pliable and lovable.


I am overgenerous in service and commitments, I am…

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I love this deep drowning beauty my friend!!