“Three Generations” #amwriting #poetry #poem #ThankfulTuesday

Amazing!!❤️ TY Aspen!❤️☀️🎶



Most think of separation.




Instead~of the ranges.

A perspective and view

Not just old news, but

Funny hairstyles

And hard-fought miles.

Dreams tossed aside

Rather than the courage to stand beside.

Those that were born~

As they lay to rest those before & mourned.

A circle, a pattern, a face

Look in the mirror, it will never be erased.

Generations~hand in hand~

Squeeze life & risk to stand~

Side by side as you face the sun

Giggle & discover how to have fun.

Age does not measure~

The person next to you,

For remember this moment~

Oh yes, they are a most rare treasure.

Know~Time is but a joke~

Man made~

One day~ ‘Pull off its cloak’.


Listen to their songs

All of your notes will belong.

Sit & hear the stories

Of their truths, lies, hopes, and glories.

Those wrinkled hands cradled you at…

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