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No Words

i have no words

i have you

My poetry 

speak silent

i have no words

earth softens

as you step

my golden

i have no words

your whispers reflects

What I try to say

 but cannot



Red Sky

Darkness has gone

Brittle broken bare

Flashes of memories 

Fond red painful

Blood splattered 

Under the Sun’s watch

Still there




a return to the fresh green

Beating red

through the veins

of my nature


true feelings deep


cant wait to

Unwrap new gifts

of familiar

Warm love


Mad Tea Party

I love this ! What a creative verse.❤️


mad tea party

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Cellophane Spectacles 

She watches through

Cellophane spectacles 

A world of beauty 

Unrecognizable forms

A rain came

Washed sweet

From her taste 

Chasing vanilla rainbows

And paisley tears


Did she

Into the red moon


I found her

Cellophane spectacles

In the pillow


Behind my rainbow


The Dangers of Riding Roller-coasters and Listening to Sad Music … Not Necessarily at the Same Time.


Yes, yes, I know. A blog is usually meant to be kept up on a more frequent basis. I am slacking. I’m a slacker. Guilty as pegged. I offer no excuses. None are required. It happens. That’s it. Downish week = no bloggishness. (..yeah, I don’t think those words are in the dictionary either and no, they’re not grammatically correct, so those of you with little inner Grammar Nazis can just cool down).

It’s been a low week. By that, I don’t mean I’ve been sitting on the floor, or that the weather air pressure is unpleasant, or that we’ve had tire problems with our van, or that my blood pressure is down, …. although it is, actually, but that’s normal for me. I rather enjoy it sometimes when it scares the bejeezoos out of nurses and new interns who have never met me before. I have to fight to…

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We are all filledWith billions

Of tiny stars


In our purest


Of the conception 

Of life

Beginning again

With every moment

Any movement 

A gentle

Single touch

Has these stars


Stealing from our

Welcome heart

Is why it



“Three Generations” #amwriting #poetry #poem #ThankfulTuesday

Amazing!!❤️ TY Aspen!❤️☀️🎶



Most think of separation.




Instead~of the ranges.

A perspective and view

Not just old news, but

Funny hairstyles

And hard-fought miles.

Dreams tossed aside

Rather than the courage to stand beside.

Those that were born~

As they lay to rest those before & mourned.

A circle, a pattern, a face

Look in the mirror, it will never be erased.

Generations~hand in hand~

Squeeze life & risk to stand~

Side by side as you face the sun

Giggle & discover how to have fun.

Age does not measure~

The person next to you,

For remember this moment~

Oh yes, they are a most rare treasure.

Know~Time is but a joke~

Man made~

One day~ ‘Pull off its cloak’.


Listen to their songs

All of your notes will belong.

Sit & hear the stories

Of their truths, lies, hopes, and glories.

Those wrinkled hands cradled you at…

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50 word story: blindsided